About Us

About Us

Vision and Mission

Every company needs a sharp vision of its future and clearly defined goals to optimally allocate its resources. Only when the direction is clear will all associates work together with full energy and enthusiasm. The Fulcrum Vision and Mission statements are as follows:

Vision Statement:

To reach and maintain national recognition and respect as a premier insurance program administrator known for innovative, specialty risk solutions.

Mission Statement:

To consistently exceed expectations of our retail distribution, carrier partners, and insureds, by leveraging a specialized and balanced approach to program administration predicated upon long-term mutual profitability.


Core Values

Fulcrum has adopted the following core values as the foundation to our strategic planning. We are completely committed to these values which will shape our conduct as we grow.

Client Satisfaction. We exceed client expectations through our personalized service, flexible approach, and product differentiating solutions.

Achievement. We are dedicated to the highest standards of achievement in all areas of our business.

Accountability and Planning. We make decisions and take actions that contribute to the stability and financial success of our company. The message of associate accountability is clearly conveyed.

Collaboration. We prosper by working as a team, sharing information, and nurturing and motivating each other.
Integrity. We are fair and honest with each other, our customers, vendors, contractors, and the communities in which we work.

Corporate Objectives

The following corporate objectives guide our efforts:

Attract, Develop and Retain the Best Associates. We rely on dynamic leadership to set our course, and exemplary performance by our associates to distinguish us from competitors.

Build and Maintain the Finest Retail Distribution. Creating an effective and mutually beneficial relationship with our distribution is a top priority. Our goal is to know the needs of our retailers and their clients far better than our competitors and to align our capabilities with important and timely opportunities.

Demonstrate Exemplary Underwriting while Maintaining Broad Product Capability. Underwriting profit drives our existence. Without it, no program administrator survives. Fulcrum must maintain excellence in underwriting defined by profitable loss ratios while maintaining a broad and flexible appetite for risk.

Partner with the Best Insurance Carriers. Fulcrum seeks out relationships with financially sound insurance carriers that share our committment to program underwriting and distribution.

Fully Invest in Modern and Efficient Technology. We leverage technology to enhance productivity to the benefit of our retail distribution, our carrier partners and insureds.