Risk Management Center

Risk Management Center

Risk Management Center

The partners at Fulcrum share a concerted appreciation for the value of risk control. Reducing claims through hazard reduction and development of management safety practices is in the interest of both the carrier and the insured. Our policyholders have access to a full suite of risk control tools:



1. Risk Evaluation Surveys

These are specifically designed for our target insureds. These surveys document for the insured any liability or other hazards that exist on the property that could cause them unnecessary exposure. By leveraging the talents of a highly trained field staff, Fulcrum will outline potential hazards and suggest a mitigating course of action.


2. Online Risk Control Platform

This provides a comprehensive library of sample safety bulletins and customizable safety program and risk mitigation training.Library sections include:

  • Policies and Procedure
  • Training Materials
  • Quizzes and Posters

Software solutions include:

  • Certificate of Insurance Tracking
  • Incident Tack/OSHA Log Software
  • Job Hazard Analysis

3. Membership in AGPOM (The Association of Green Property Owners and Managers

This 501(c)(6) non-profit association drives meaningful risk control benefits to its members in the form of Green behavioral training. There is a significant connection between going Green and risk control. Learn more here: www.agpom.org.